Lifting Programs

Free programs to pass along to our fellow powerlifters!

We are proud to announce our first program available to everybody! Our coaches, Dane Roach and Brendan Papin, have collaborated on an intermediate level program geared toward people preparing for a meet. Included is a full FAQ and contact information if you have questions for our coaches. This program can be used as a transition into working with Dane or Brendan, but also works well on its own. If you like our program, feel free to leave some feedback in the form below, or give us a shout out on social media!

NOTE: YOU MUST CLICK OPEN WITH GOOGLE SHEETS > FILE > MAKE A COPY and make a copy into your own Google Drive account. If you want the program in an excel file, you can simply click the download icon.

Click here to access the program!!


Did you like our program? Do you have any suggestions for us? Please fill out our feedback form below!

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