Calloso Powerlifting would love to help you find an excellent coach right here in Michigan! Here are our top of the line powerlifting coaches…

BRENDAN PAPIN has been one of the most highly sought after coaches in the past few years with his vast knowledge of strength training as well as rehab. He is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and also has his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Exercise Science. Brendan’s skillset includes a unique programming style which integrates the best of both worlds when it comes to strength training and physical therapy which prioritizes keeping his athlete’s healthy long-term. He is the head coach and owner of the Momentum Powerlifting Team. Being one of the more recognized teams in Michigan, his client’s success in this sport speaks for itself. Brendan has also had his fair share of hands-on coaching. He has done gameday coaching ranging from the National level to the Local level. Brendan helped create Calloso’s 12 week powerlifting program and also specializes in customized individual programming for his clients. If you are interested in Brendan’s programming you can reach him via direct message on instagram @papin_momentum  /  @momentum_powerlifting  or email at

Hi, my name is JULIANNA KING and I’m the head coach and owner of Fortitudo Fitness LLC. I started my powerlifting journey back in 2014 as a freshman in high school. Since then, I have competed in over 11 meets and at every level of competition. I am currently finishing a bachelors from the University of Michigan in Movement Science and Psychology. I have been coaching since 2020 after obtaining my ACSM CPT and was an intern for The Strength Guys. I am passionate about supporting athletes in their journey to become their strongest selves – both mentally and physically. Fortitudo Fitness is built upon four values: education, integrity, passion, and client focus – and these values are central to the coaching experience. I offer complete individualized powerlifting programming and specialize in working with individuals of high stress/busy lifestyles. If you would like to work together or find out more about Fortitudo Fitness, you can check out my website or find me on Instagram at @fortitudofitness and/or @juliannaking_

Hello! My name is MICHAEL BRESS and I am the Head coach for the Bress and Barbell team, a registered USAPL club and my own personal business! I am a certified personal trainer through NASM, and have a bachelors degree from Michigan State University! After wrestling and playing football for 10 years of my life, I started powerlifting in 2017, starting in the 83kg weight class and eventually getting my way up to 90kg weight class where I earned my first nationals QT this past year. As a coach, I strive to not only be just a coach, but more so a friend and mentor! Bigger totals and PRs are always the main responsibility as a powerlifting coach, but I truthfully care about how I can connect with individuals just as much as I do helping them get stronger. And not only make them stronger, but help expand their knowledge of training/this sport and be a helping hand when life outside the gym becomes hard. For any interest in working with me you can contact me on Instagram @michaelbress or @Bressandbarbell or email me at!

NATHAN HAMP – A coach with a lot of real-world experience along with education. Nate started his powerlifting career back at Central Michigan University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Health Fitness & Preventative Rehabilitation along with a minor in Exercise Science. Nate has been within the fitness industry since 2015 working as a personal trainer and health coach. He’s been competing since 2014 in USA Powerlifting and is an active State Referee so he has a clear understanding of how meets operate for his athletes. Recently, he has earned the USA Powerlifting Club Coach certification. As a coach he is a big believer of continuing education and creates online individualized programs for each athlete depending on their goals. Continual collection of data and collaboration and communication with the athlete are big components of how he helps guide his lifters. If interested in working with Nate you can contact him at or reach out to him on Instagram at @mr.cleannn

Hi, my name is MAX BLACKLEDGE and I’m the head coach and owner of Never Satisfied Strength. I competed in my first powerlifting meet in 2017 and started coaching athletes in 2019. I have always loved coaching and helping people become stronger physically and mentally. I offer complete individualized powerlifting programming fitted to your body and lifestyle. Community and communication are also very important to me and I highly value the relationships I have with each of my clients. I have coached many athletes at all levels. My main focus is one-on-one coaching but I also have experience coaching the Chippewa Hills High School Powerlifting team. Some of my favorite memories as a coach are watching my lifters hit lifetime PR’s at meets or in training when they didn’t think it was possible to do so. My end goal is to grow the NSS family and the sport as a whole by inspiring the next generation of powerlifters. If you would like to work together or find out more about me and the team, you can follow me and/or DM me on instagram @neversatisfiedstrength or email me at

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