Calloso LLC would love to help you find an excellent coach right here in Michigan! Here are our top of the line powerlifting coaches…

BRENDAN PAPIN is relatively new to coaching powerlifting, but with his vast knowledge of strength training and health, he will be a highly sought after coach to look out for in the near future. Brendan has a B.S. in Exercise Science and is currently pursuing his doctorate in Physical Therapy. Brendan’s skills in programming and injury prevention and rehabilitation are helpful in keeping his athletes healthy. Brendan has also had his fair share of hands-on coaching. He has done game day coaching at Collegiate and Raw Nationals as well as on the local level. Brendan created Calloso’s free 12 Week Powerlifting Program with Dane and also specializes in custom programming for his clients. If you are interested in Brendan’s coaching, you can contact him via direct message on Instagram or email him at

NATHAN HAMP – A coach with a lot of real-world experience along with education. Nate started his powerlifting career back at Central Michigan University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Health Fitness & Preventative Rehabilitation along with a minor in Exercise Science. Nate has been within the fitness industry since 2015 working as a personal trainer and health coach. He’s been competing since 2014 in USA Powerlifting and is an active State Referee so he has a clear understanding of how meets operate for his athletes. Recently, he has earned the USA Powerlifting Club Coach certification. As a coach he is a big believer of continuing education and creates online individualized programs for each athlete depending on their goals. Continual collection of data and collaboration and communication with the athlete are big components of how he helps guide his lifters. If interested in working with Nate you can contact him at or reach out to him on Instagram at @mr.cleannn

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