Calloso Meet Levels

We are happy to announce our latest news for 2022 – Powerlifting meets at 3 distinct levels to better meet your expectations and budget.

At Calloso Powerlifting, we strive to provide a welcoming and energetic meet, run as efficiently as possible. When you compete at our meets, you’re part of our family. You can expect this to remain the status quo . . . we stand by it.

It’s no secret that not all powerlifting meets are created equal.

We see powerlifters of all experience levels and backgrounds at our meets. Although we have specialized events for certain audiences, like our annual Michigan Rookie Rumble, the Michigan State Championships, the High School & Collegiate Open, and our newest addition, the United Ladies of Iron, we still see first time lifters at every single meet, and highly experienced lifters at every meet as well. These lifters have very different goals and expectations.


A couple of years ago, you could choose which meet you wanted to compete in, register, and you were good to go. We are now in an era where almost every powerlifting event sells out in record times. On average, a Calloso Powerlifting meet will fill in less than a day. Because time is of the essence when it comes to registering for meets, we want to introduce these levels for you to know exactly what to expect for every meet on the calendar at a glance, and choose the one that is right for you.


Introducing Calloso’s Standard Level – This is a meet perfect for somebody who isn’t looking for any extra frills. If you are brand new to powerlifting, hoping to squeeze in a qualifying total, or just looking to do a fun meet at a lower cost, this is perfect for you. The Standard Level is also a great stepping stone to our higher levels.


Introducing the next step up, Calloso’s Gold Level – and it packs in TONS of added amenities. At the Gold Level, your spotters and loaders will feel more like a hype crowd, all while working like a well-oiled machine to get us on to the awards ceremony as quick as possible. All platform crew members at Gold (and higher) level meets will be highly trained for all scenarios, focusing on your safety. You’ll also get other extras, such as competition power bars in the warm up area for those who love specificity, sour candy with your lifter bag for a quick boost between lifts, Best Overall Lifter awards, and the meet will be live streamed for free on our YouTube channel.


Introducing the BEST of the BEST, Calloso’s Platinum Level – There’s no doubt about it, these are the highest quality meets that we run, with the highest quality equipment, experience, and venues. If you want to practice like you play, say no more. Platinum Level warm up areas will have calibrated kilogram steel plates and competition power barbells (even possibly competition combo racks!) Say hello to upgrades – you’ll get a special meet logo t-shirt with your entry and upgraded awards for champions and best overall lifters. And finally, the experience that ties it all together . . . all Platinum Level meets are held at powerlifting gyms, which means that your audience and fellow athletes will always bring intense energy to keep you motivated for your new all-time PRs. Platinum Level meets will also be professionally live streamed by Gym Life Media – an upgraded sound and video experience compared to the Gold Level live stream. You’ll receive all of this on top of what is already included in our lower levels – and more added frills not listed here.

So let’s get down to it and compare the new Calloso Powerlifting Meet Levels! As we mentioned earlier, we stand by our promise to provide a welcoming and energetic meet, run as efficiently as possible. You’re part of the powerlifting community regardless of your experience level or expectations. Calloso meets hold great value. That value increases immensely with each level, with a respectively small increase in price.

We are ecstatic to have the opportunity to offer these levels to all athletes, effective starting in April 2022. The first meet affected by this is the Michigan Ladies of Iron on April 30, which opens for registration on January 7. All events after April 2022 will be assigned a meet level so you know what to expect at a glance.

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