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CALLOSO L.L.C. is a Michigan made company with the primary goal of directing FUN and FANTASTIC powerlifting meets for lifters of any age, size, or skill level.  Calloso hosts USA Powerlifting meets primarily, but also hosts some unsanctioned meets for fun.  We also can connect lifters with mentors, coaches, and other helpful training information.

OUR GOAL is to grow the sport of powerlifting and to provide opportunities for lifters all over the state of Michigan to compete.  We want each and every lifter to feel accomplished after competing and excited to register for their next Calloso Powerlifting meet.

GINA HENSLEY has been competing in powerlifting since 2010, and has lifted on high school, local, national, and international platforms.  Gina is dedicated to growing and improving powerlifting in the state of Michigan in any way possible.

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